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Practice with me!

40 rudiments

I present to you a series of video lessons, the first of which in this series called "One Handed Exercises and Single Stroke Roll" is ready and available on my site.

Practice with me these carefully selected exercises to develop your speed, control and endurance of playing with sticks, through which I guide you in real time.


All exercises included in this course are recorded in all tempos that are increasing over time and in a full number of given repetitions to achieve a complete guided hand workout feeling just like on the real drum class.

The course contains 30 different exercises and is divided into two different and properly measured difficulty levels:

-beginner level is designed to meet the needs of absolute beginners (4 slower paces);

- The intermediate and advanced level is designed with the intention of testing the abilities of more experienced drummers. (4 faster tempos).

Practice by following the music notation at the bottom of the screen or simply imitate the motion following the video play along.

The exercises are selected and arranged in such a way as to develop all the necessary technical skills needed by every drummer or percussionist.


Pay once and practice anytime, anywhere. Log in using your computer, tablet or smartphone and exercise whenever you want. (internet connection needed)


Prepare your "Practice pad" and join me to practice together!

Use your practice pad, along with your 24/7 excess and practice anytime, anywhere!

If the purchased course did not meet your expectations, you can contact me within 7 days from the day you bought it and I will refund your payment with no questions asked.

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